Girl Power

8 Reasons Why Our GirlSquad is Auckland’s Best Bootcamp to Join this Summer.


The most significant part of GirlSquad are the girls who join the squad. They are fun, motivated, and fully supportive of each other’s goals and motivations to work out; and great for a giggle or two. The girls come from a range of hard-working backgrounds and are as dedicated and passionate about their fitness as they are about their professions.

Functional Workouts

Exercising in a manner that is functional to daily life is what Rachael’s classes encourages. While lifting 180kg isn’t her style, she can appreciate the need to tone using smaller weights at right repetitions and incorporate fluidity of movement, core strength and lengthening of muscles into the session. Not only does this benefit the body in a way that is a sustainable long-term goal, but it also decreases the risk of injuries.

Qualified Trainers

Rachael is not just a personal trainer but also a registered psychologist who specialises in long-term behaviour and habit change. While GirlSquad isn’t “group therapy” the delivery of the prompts and cues for exercise adaptation is done in a way that is accepting, warm and motivating for each in the squad. Rachael believes that language is vital when working with women and everyone has a style that makes them feel confident and comfortable in exercising and reaching their individual goals.


The underlying drive for GirlSquad is to make sure that women are exposed to as many styles of exercising as possible. Keeping classes dynamic, fresh and new, while using these sessions as teachable moments for new exercises coupled with ways of putting the practices together (e.g. Tabata, pyramids, AMRAPS, and EMOMS, timed training and reps) means that there are never two classes the same. This way, if the ladies ever move to new parts of the world or are no longer able to continue with GirlSquad, they feel confident in their own ability to stay training or go to the gym and kickstart their independent journeys. While the sessions are challenging, seeing progress over time never ceases to put a smile on the girl's faces as they get fitter and fitter and fitter.


Women like working out to tunes and tune out of their day-to-day work. We keep the songs fresh and at high beats to minutes ratios with the latest tracks, while also bringing back some goldie oldies including Britney Spears & Destiny’s Child.

Make Friends for Life

A lot of the women who end up in our Squad come from such a diverse range of countries. We try and prioritise introducing you to the other girls in the squad (who are more than happy to help if Rach is on the other side of the room) and organising some social events, such as lunches or dinners, and charity brunches along the way. We also celebrate Bully Free Week each year by working out in pink. If you’re new to Auckland and keen to meet some remarkable women to catch up with - this is the squad for you!


We keep the cost of our training down because at Shape In The City we genuinely believe that fitness should be accessible to all women from all walks of life. Feeling confident in yourself and comfortable in the group while working out is our number 1 priority.


The Auckland Domain is a beautiful spot and perfectly covered for summer workouts. We’ve got sun, shade and secret areas sorted.

Girls Squad Bootcamps 2018

Starts January 15th 2018

Six Week Bootcamp

Mondays 6pm & Wednesdays 6pm

60 min

Auckland Domain


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