East Vs West

Last month I caught the dreaded "man flu" and was forced to visit a doctor for the first time in ten years! Unfortunately, my previous experiences with local GP,s hadn't been great. In most cases, I'd been left waiting for a late doctor, eventually told there's nothing they can do! "Get some rest" was the usual advice! To my disappointment, this visit wasn't any different! I explained my symptoms and that I was struggling to work and needed to mask my flu to finish the working week. What followed was an overtop blood pressure check ( It's high because I'm sick) and some general questions about my lifestyle. $70 a visit and I'm getting asked the same screening questions I give my clients at each body check. After a 5 minute check, I'm prescribed Asprin and sent on my way. I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon.

Fortunately, I mentioned my experience to a client the next day. She wasn't surprised, and she told me to go and see her traditional Taiwanese Doctor instead. From the initial meet and greet, Eddie spent over an hour with me explaining how having low energy levels (Chi) and reduced blood flow causes flu and colds. He acupunctured my body, bled my ears and cooked up some traditional herbal medicine while applying heat lamps to some regions of my body. The experience was brilliant and the service was above and beyond. I now see Eddie every fortnight to work on my body, and it's made a massive improvement in my health.

Now I'm not saying you should go and change your GP! The point I'm trying to make is that I believe from my own experiences that Eastern medical practices might be just as beneficial as Western methods for symptoms such as colds and flu. Go home and rest is not a $70 treatment in my mind for 5 minutes of work! Eddie cost me $70, and he spent one hour with me, He explained to me why and how to help reduce my symptoms, He provided excellent service through heat, massage and acupuncture. He made up two giant jars of herbal tea for me to drink and it certainly worked to mask my symptoms.



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